Elizabeth’s Birthday: the blueprint for future Artsy Parties!

I have been scavenging across the whole internet. That’s right folks, I have seen every website that exists and I am here to tell the tale…. just kidding. But really, it feels that way as I “command-T” my way to dozens of open tabs, trying to quilt together the perfect kind of “Artsy Party”.

But I think I have a great blueprint that will set the stage for Elizabeth’s own “Artsy Party”. The Secret Art Den will be hosting it. Our version would obviously be different, but these pictures serve the best examples. Be expecting future posts of actual pictures taken along the process. This picture was the closest I could find that would resemble the general furniture set up in the studio. Photo from Tammy Watson Photography! Will post “our version” pronto!

A Day in the Life of an Artist… at an art studio!

Projected Schedule

1:00-1:30 p.m. Artists arrive and sign the Birthday mural created by The Secret Art Den.

1:30-2:00 p.m. Tie-dye bandanas and paint on canvases with their names on it.

2:00-2:30 p.m. Have lunch, sing “Happy Birthday!” to Elizabeth, and open presents.

2:30-3:00 p.m. Play “Rainbow Relay” and “Bucket of Crayons”

3:00-3:15 p.m. Parents pick up Artist

[1:00-1:30 pm] Sign on the Birthday Mural!

As friends come in, they can drop off presents at the gift table, and “Sign in” by drawing a picture with their autograph on Elizabeth’s Birthday Banner! Later, she can hang in her room as a keepsake! This version was one I found from Housing a Forest!

I would create one for Elizabeth in a cute font on fabric, rather than paper. Fabric can be washed, transported, and easily found at my local Joann’s.

[1:30-2:00 p.m.] Tie Dye Bandanas!

•Have 4 different colors available
•Hang them to dry after.
•Place them in labeled, Gallon Ziploc bags when the party is done (they still might be damp)

[2:00-2:30 p.m.] Lunch, Sing ‘Happy Birthday’, and Open Presents!

Mmmm…. Lunch Time!

Thanks to Hostess with the Mostess, I found a cute way of preparing lunch for the birthday party! We’d set our version of small “starving artist” lunch boxes for each artist. Inside, a Smucker’s PB&J, sun chips, and gummies. The party itself will have beverages in coolers, filled with juices, soda (for coca cola/diet coke addicted parents), and water bottles. Three tables will be on opposite ends of the studio: one for gifts, one for activities, and one for snacks/plates/utensils/napkins/ cake/cupcakes.  Placemats I can create and laminate for future Artsy Parties. Again, will post additional pictures soon!

Now comes my favorite part… the birthday cake and cupcakes! This is where working at Cold Stone Creamery as a cake decorator will come in handy! And what a better excuse for getting a Kitchen Aid mixer?! I can think of no better reason. Mwahahah….. Muchos kudos given to The Endearing Designer for this lovely inspiration for baked yummies! In addition to these, I will also prepare a lovely Vanilla Rainbow Cake for the birthday girl, equipped with an mini easel on top, labeled with a large “10!” written on it and Elizabeth’s name in calligraphy with icing. I think my favorite part will be to see everyone’s teeth color change due to the colorful feast! On the snack table will be a colorful rainbow fruit platter, chips & dip, and mini sandwiches for the starving artist’s parents.

I have read on various websites/blogs that an ice-cream bar is a wonderful treat… that’s really fancy stuff for a minimalist-like studio environment. But I cannot lie, I would LOVE to have a freezer for ice-cream and ice-cream cake! But I digress…

After all the sweets will come opening presents! Luckily, I have know this incredible photographer (no, not me! but thank you kindly) that can take pictures for the entire event and post them onto Shutterfly, where parents of the artists can purchase their favorites, in whatever size and quantity they wish, and Shutterfly will take care of the rest. Jacques (woot!) will be doing what he loves with someone who loves him… for his sister no less! I couldn’t think of a better person to capture this epic event!

[2:30-3:00 pm] Play games until the parent pick-up

I stumbled upon countless games for this particular theme. Picking one was pretty difficult, but I am pretty pleased with my choices.

Rainbow Relay

One is called “Rainbow Relay” and it requires having two lines of artists, both lines facing their own poster with an outline of a rainbow on it. Then, there are two sets of 7 cups (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink) with one brush. Each team mate has to run up to the poster, grab the brush, dip it into the appropriate color, paint a ray on the rainbow, and then pass the brush to the next team mate. The first team to finish their rainbow (in correct rainbow order), WINS!

Colorful Mustaches

The next game I called “Colorful Mustaches” and it requires chairs to be set up (side by side, like musical chairs) and each child will have a bucket at their feet. In front of them will be a small basket with crayons in it. Each artist must grab the crayon with their upper lip and keep the crayon under their nose (like a mustache), they next have to successfully drop the crayon into the bucket. At the end of the timer, the artist with the most crayons in their bucket…. WINS! This will be a hoot and the pictures to come will be hilarious, I am sure!

Prizes & Goody Bags

Leanne (Elizabeth’s Mom) and I are probably going to raid a Michaels’ arts & crafts $1 section to create prize baskets. Add some cellophane and ribbon and Voila! For goody bags, I am creating these wonderful mini sketch books I found online. They are simple, up cycled, and colorful! We’ll have large, paper bags, from Publix, where we’ll hole punch two holes, fold over, and weave a paintbrush to keep it closed. It will hold prizes, goodies, cupcakes, and their crafts!

I am sure there will be revisions and accommodations to come in the future with this event. I still have to design the invitations, as well as matching ‘Thank You’ cards (No worries, I’ll post pictures along the way). We have until May. 26th to plan for everything we need. I am thrilled to be in charge of this undertaking and hope that it will be fun for all of Elizabeth’s family and friends. She means the world to me so planning this has felt more like a guilty pleasure than “work” but I guess that is just the plus side in doing what you love.

Let The Secret Art Den host your birthday/any party! Minimum of 5, Maximum of 15. We can accommodate children between the ages of 4-60! No child is “too old”, we’ll simply trade the water bottles for wine bottles!

We provide aprons, pictures, as well as all the above. Feel free to inquire via email. I can be reached: jania@thesecretartden.com


12 responses to “Elizabeth’s Birthday: the blueprint for future Artsy Parties!

  1. The party sounds like it will be a great time! Annika’s art party was a huge hit! Thanks for featuring our birthday mural. Ours was actually paint directly onto my dinning room wall, not on paper. The kids LOVED this experience, and the mural turned out super cute. It was really funny watching their faces as I explained that they were going to be painting right onto my wall…at first they looked around to see if it was OK with their parents (who had all left already) and then they really got into in. That was the place they all wanted to be. Creating memories with kids is so important. The kids also loved the paint chip notebooks that we created (your last image). It was so fun to recycle something that we would normally throw away, and they added a fun pop of color!
    I love how organized you are! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

    • That is so funny! I am really looking forward to it and I can’t wait to see them in action! Oh, and thank you so much! I was tickled when I came across your blog! It was a great idea turned into a magical event. I am really grateful for you taking the time to wish me luck. It made my day! And yes, be expecting plenty of pictures!

  2. This sounds so awesome and amazing!!! I want to come to the birthday party cause it sounds like SO much fun!!! I’m so happy for you that you are doing this.. its going to be awesome, just like you!!!

  3. Jania – The details are amazing! As the parent of this party, I am so PLEASED with the agenda you have put together to make this 10th birthday party for Elizabeth! We need to start shopping for the items! (I won’t lie, I am just as excited about the prep and time with you as I am about the party for her!) One thing, kind of important, the party is May 19th…

    • Yayyyyyy! That makes me so happy! Are you out of town? We can begin this week for sure. Turns out, MY mom is visiting that weekend and she’s THRILLED to be part of it/meet everyone/see the studio. Her and I agree that everything happens for a reason!

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